Oluwafeyisayo Adesina of Feyse Wears...Not just another Tee-Shirt Designer


"Feyse is a unique clothing company that is gradually growing from a t-shirt company to an International lifestyle brand. It focuses on designing apparel that will fit many different styles which will reflect the Nigerian urban sensibilty and style".

African Gene's BusinessBox kicks off with Oluwafeyisayo Adesina of Feyse wears, here's what she's got to say...

AG: What inspired your decision to start designing?
Feyi: The inspiration came from my Cousin, cos he's into graphics and he's very good at it, then when i went for National Youth service Corp., my roommate studied graphics design, Auchi Polytechnic. She put me through a lot of things
from Screen printing to other stuffs. After completing Youth Service, i met my fiance, who to my greatest surprise was a graduate of Industrial Design, Graphics option. He had dreams of making t-shirts and one day owning a clothing line, we shared the same dream and we started. Above all, God, almighty, has been my supreme inspiration.

AG: Educational Background?
Feyi: Well, I'm a graduate of Industrial Relation and Personal Management, from the University of Lagos. I went to SURULERE GIRLS’ SECONDARY SCHOOL and KEKE HIGH SCHOOL

AG: What makes it unique?
Feyi: What makes Feyse Unique is our Apparels portray the African Urban Spirit, quality fabrics and intricate designs.

AG: Do you see your self as a creative person or a businesswoman?
Feyi: I see myself as a creative person and a business woman, in the sense that i make designs and at the same time i handle the company's business.

AG: Is it capital Intensive?
Feyi: Yes its capital intensive, because it requires a lot of money, sewing of the fabrics, the printing also costs a lot of money.

AG: How easy is it to break into the market?
Feyi: Well, so far so good, it hasn't been easy breaking into the market, though the competition wasn't too tough and low but the market was difficult.

AG: Biggest challenge so far?
Feyi: Our biggest challenge so far has been acquisition of fabrics and market as a whole.

AG: What else do you do besides designing?
Feyi: Events planning and logistics, i also run an advert magazine name 'RADIance' and i also do print design.

AG: What is your biggest fear?
Feyi:My biggest fear has been the public acceptance, in other words how well the Nigerians would appreciate and accept a naija made t-shirt.

AG: Who are the three people you admire the most?
Feyi: My mum, my fiance and my sister-in-law

AG: If you had one wish, what would it be?
Feyi: Feyse would be the worlds greatest clothing line.
AG: Thanks and all the best...

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  1. I've known Feyi for a some years now...And I must really confess that I'm extremely proud of her.
    I mean, this designs are mind blowing,a departure from what we've had in the past...Keep it up baby...

  2. great initiative, keep up the good work, girl

  3. I have bought a decent number of Feyse designs and i can truly attest to their originality in projecting the Naija urban and urbane culture! Go Feyi!

  4. This is nice feyi.

    Keeping my eye out on your designs.

    Great job!

  5. Thanks to you all because without God's support and your support there won't be FEYSE... I really appreciate...

  6. Never stop keeping it real cuz U've gat a nice concept, passionate drive for designing et al. Thumbs up to U& Darmy

  7. Keep one T-shirt for me . Im buying