TOLULOPE AKANNI-Teaching Us the A-Z of Life


AG:  Can we meet you?
 I am Tolulope Akanni, a 21 year old Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate of Covenant University. I am the C.E.O of El Fiz Concept a brand, events and concept development consultancy outfit and I recently became the Author of A-Z Life lessons.

AG:  What were your childhood dreams?
T. A.: Nothing particularly striking comes to mind, but I’ve always dream I will become a stinking rich philanthropist someday!

AG:  Let’s talk about A-Z Life Lessons, Why did you want to write the book?
T.A.: A-Z Life lessons came out of the passion to leave the world with a legacy. I grew up wishing most of my mentors left us with memoirs of their youthful days, and I’ve always had the strong impression that I will emerge as one of the greats of this generation so I couldn’t help but share my experiences of that hour.

AG:  What did you hope to achieve with the book?
T.A.: With the content of the book I hoped to equip men with relevant information that will drive them towards a purposeful living, with the timing (releasing a book at 21) I hoped to let the youth know that each one of us can leave a legacy even at the dawn of our career.

AG:  What is A-Z Life Lessons all about?
T.A.: It is a compilation of the written thoughts of a 21st century 20year old with a burning desire to influence lives positively. A 26 chapter, 94page book that stands out from the everyday book in the freestyle approach of the author, the text of some of the chapters are in shorthand, and every chapter has its unique pictorial expression, it explores the multifaceted experience of the author.

AG: Who edited and when did you finish writing?
T.A.: The editing was done my Mr Temitayo Akanni (who wrote the foreword); it is a compilation of selected articles from my 365 day old archive.

AG: Looking back now, are you totally satisfied with the outcome of the book?
T.A.: It’s almost 60 days since the book has been published and it has drawn the attention of international author and leadership expert, John C. Maxwell (thanks to the Silverbird group). After the book launch, courtesy Silverbird I’ve had 3 book presentations in 2 states, the book has gotten me on the sradio and TV, I’ve been offered platforms to speak; and most importantly, it has touched lives positively! The reaction from readers has been humbling.

AG: Do you think the book is achieving the purpose for writing it?
T.A.: The dream was to touch lives with the content of the book and write a success story on the outcome of the book that will be used to teach nations.
Lives are already being touched and there’s a story to tell already.

AG: What has the writing journey been like since you published your book?
T.A.: It has provided me a larger audience, the daily traffic on my blog site has sky rocketed, people now believe in the principles I teach because I’ve reflected the success I teach to a reasonable extent. My writing has improved as I now share my everyday success principles and strategies to my online readers. Though it has not been so easy this early start has kept me on my toes; the stakes have been raised so I find myself craving to maintain relevance hence I’m constantly working on myself.

AG: How did writing affect your studies?
T.A.: The interesting about A-Z Life lessons is that I never sought out to write a book by the time the manuscripts were coming to life, I was simply writing my thoughts at different times – most of which I didn’t spend in school – without knowing I would be making a compilation out of them.

AG: You recently graduated from the Covenant University, what was life like as a student?
T.A.: Those were the best moments of my life, I grew up to understand my roots in Christ,  I had the best set of people you can ever imagine as friends, I caught the fire for the race I’m running now while I was a student there.

AG: Tell us about the Consultancy outfit you run, El Fiz Concept?
T.A.: At El Fiz Concept, we do three things: we brand people/organisations, we manage events and we consult for individuals/organisation.

AG: What do you think you are most proud of?
T.A.:My salvation in Christ and the friends God has blessed me with; I have the best set of friends in the world!

AG: If you had to choose a person to follow his/she steps closely who would it be and why?
T.A.: Dr David Oyedepo, I was under him for 5 years as a Covenant University student and now that I’m done with school I’ve come to realise that there’s nothing I’m going through that he has not told us of long ahead. His strategies are plain yet they birth giant feats.

AG: Five words that best describe you at this moment of your life?
T.A.: Young

AG: Five words that might describe you in future?
T.A.: Successful

AG: What next?
T.A.: The same thing I’m doing now, empowering individuals and organisations for exploits.

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