The HandBag Lady: Tinuola Adaeze Oluleye of JamesLully


CEO, JamesLully

AG: Who is Tinuola Adaeze Oluleye?
Tinu: I think Tinu is a very fun loving happy person! *huge smile* I am a well rounded Nigerian, My father is from Ekiti state, my Mother is from Anambra state and I grew up in Abuja! I attended FGGC Bwari Abuja for my secondary Education, Salem College NC-USA for my University Education in Accounting, Southern Polytechnic state University Marietta GA-USA for my masters in business Administration! I have always loved BUSINESS, it has been part of me since I was little! Creating a niche was were my entrepreneurship began!

AG: What is the story to the birth of JamesLully?
Tinu: I have always loved bags! I am a bag person, and one day I just woke up and decided I want to directly own and control a handbag! The birth of JamesLully came about in 2009 and was launched August!

AG: How did you arrive at the name, James Lully?
Tinu: My Grandfathers name is James. Lully is basically a mix of my first and last name

AG: What challenges did you have to overcome at start-up?
Tinu: My startup challenge was mainly the initial cost! That's one! Another one presently is being able to satisfy all my consumers! When I started Jameslully, I was going to make 100 bags per design! But demand is quiet high, so I have to catch up fast! It is truly a blessing though so I can't really say that's a bad challenge.

AG: What inspires you and what is it about designing that you find fulfilling?
Tinu: My goodness, I love Handbags, they have to be big and bold! When I start designing a handbag I consider the depth and the width! This is because I believe a woman should be able to put everything and anything in to the bag! In addition to that the bag has to make its own statement! Be

AG: What’s most important to you when designing a line with your name behind it?
Tinu: Affordability -there is no point making a bag that people would say*na wa o its so beautiful,sha I can't afford it o* I want someone to Fall in love with a Jameslully bag and make that PURCHASE immediately or as soon as possible! Other things important include the boldness n chic appearance of the bag! What I call the ABC (affordability,bold,chic) is. What defines JamesLully

AG: How have your bags evolved from when you first began designing them?
Tinu: Since I started I have had only 2 designs! And each has different colours! Basically with each design, I ask and listen to my friends and customers! Questions like-As u carry a JamesLULLY bag, what else do you think is missing? What do u want? Where did I fail to satisfy you? To mention but a few! Feedback is essential for a business to thrive

AG: One element that stand the JamesLully brand from other brands?
Tinu: *Luxury has no precincts* I take my time, I am very business oriented as well, therefore I study my market, I don't just make 5 designs, I make a design at a time with color options for my clients.

AG: A fellow entrepreneur who has the most influence on your life?
Tinu: Bukky Are of House of Versatile- because I love the way she balances between business and passion!

AG: What would you say has been the main key to the success of your business?
Tinu: My trust in God

AG: What would you be doing if you were not into designing?
Tinu: Politics

AG: James Lully in the future?
Tinu: Hoping to expand! Watch out *smile*

AG: What indispensable piece of advice would you give to someone who wanted a career in bag designing designing?
Tinu: I would say design a bag you can Rock!!!!!!!!!
 Visit the JL office: new banex plaza (vina)wuse 2,Abuja- shop 15

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