Fitness/Kettlebell Instructor and Trainer- ADURA ODESANYA


AG: Position and Name of Company?  

Adura Odesanya, Fitness/Kettlebell Instructor and Trainer.
(company name not decided yet)

AG: Educational background?
AO: I have a BEng in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. I also have qualification in Fitness Instructing and Training.
AG: How did you become interested in fitness?
AO: I used to be overweight years ago, I lost weight and faced the usual challenges in keeping the weight off and staying healthy and fit. I learned a lot over the years and slowly realised I had a passion for fitness and healthy living.

AG: What does your job entail?
AO: Training individuals - one to one training. And instructing groups - I teach group exercise classes which include spin, kettlebells and circuit classes. Nutrition Management - reviewing client's diets and advising them on changes that should be made towards leaving a healthier lifestyle.

AG: What is your typical day like?
AO: As I'm still relatively new in this industry as a *full time* fitness professional (I left my 9 to 5 just over a month ago), I'm still settling into a routine. Some days are very unpredictable as I get asked to cover last minute classes in gyms. I try to allocate at least one hour a day to responding to emails.

AG: Most challenging aspect of job and why?
AO: It's physically demanding. My 9 to 5 job involved sitting at a desk working on a computer, I took breaks once in a while to walk to the bathroom, the kitchen or a colleague's desk. Now I'm either on a spin bike instructing a class, on my feet instructing a class, on my feet training someone or commuting between gyms. I truly appreciate my bedtimes now.

AG: What is it that most people assume about your your job that's not true?
AO: That it's all about putting together a workout plan and nothing more. There's more to it, you have to always encourage and motivate, you have to be very observant (watching technique to avoid injury), always keep up with the latest in health and fitness, be patient and understand that everyone is different.

AG: How do you motivate yourself to get and stay fit?
AO: I love exercising and I'm lucky I have friends who are passionate about keeping fit, on days when I struggle to find the motivation to train, I train with a friend and it's fun.

AG: If you could not do what you are doing, what would you be doing?
AO: I'd own a hair salon and be a hair consultant, I'm really into haircare.

AG: Future plans
AO: Taking baby steps. Hope to go to Nigeria a couple of times next year to run week long fitness camps, more details to come.

AG: Any fitness tips you would like to share?
AO: Running/power walking is a great way to start exercising.
.To vary your running, include hill runs and interval training.
.Strength training is very important, women need not worry about bulking up and looking masculine. We don't have enough testosterone for that.
.Healthy eating is *VERY* important - Just because you workout 5 times a week doesn't mean you can eat any and everything.

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