My God: Even in the Last Minute-DOLAPO BABALOLA


AG: Can we meet you?
DB: Greetings! I would like to introduce myself as Dolapo Babalola (Maiden name: Adeoshun) a debut author of a Christian Inspirational Book titled "My God: Even in the Last Minute" released September 2010. I am the oldest of four children, born in the mid-1970s to Dr. and Mrs. Adeoshun.
I obtained my medical degree from the University of Guyana, South America. After which, I completed an Internship at the University College Teaching Hospital in Ibadan, Nigeria. In the pursuit of higher learning, I migrated to the United States. I completed residency training in Family Medicine at Morehouse Family Medicine Residency Program, where I currently practice clinical and academic medicine.

I am blessed to be married with two amazing daughters, and we make our home in Atlanta, Georgia. I am adventurous and hate to turn down a challenge, unless for good cause. I enjoy spending time with family, dancing, writing, listening to music, and being inspired to reach higher grounds.

AG: Where were you born, what was it like growing up in that area?
DB: I was born in Lagos, Nigeria but grew up in various places. I like to crake a joke with my friends that I have different cultures in me; one has to figure out which one they see. My formative years were in London up to the age of 5. What I remember during this period was how friendly everyone was at school, they were always calling me dolly this, dolly that. When I moved back to Nigerian with my family, I grew up in Zaria, which is the northern part of Nigeria and lived in the University community. It was fun and full of adventures; I enjoyed a lot of youth activities such as girls’ brigades, camping, etc; all of which molded me to whom I am today. I spent my older years in the South of Nigeria (Ibadan) and South America. Studying in a foreign country changed me from being an introvert to a mild extrovert (if there is such a word). There is something exposure does to you, and for me it made me mature faster, I developed confidence to dream and achieve my goals.

AG:  Did your parents have an influence on your decision to become a doctor?
DB: Yes, I believe so, among other reasons. I recall as far back as age eight, when I would assist my dad in tabulating the scores of his medical students’ physiology test papers. I enjoyed watching him grade his students’ performances. I paid attention to his writing, marking, and correcting of the test scripts. I still do not know if these experiences were what stimulated the desire in me to be a teacher or it might have been my family’s doctor. He was always amazed at my inquisitiveness to the medical care he provided my family.

AG: Is your Journey into writing by accident or have you always had the Intention to one day writes a book?
DB: It was all a coincidence, or should I say the divine work of God. I never thought about writing a book, much more doing it. I must say though, looking back that I enjoyed writing in my diary during my formative years especially while I was in a foreign country studying medicine. It was always comforting to express my thoughts down on paper; such clarity I experienced while doing so.

AG: What book/author most influence your life and why?
DB: So many but to mention a few; Rev Tai Ikomi has influenced my life especially in her book titled “The Art of Inspirational writing. It is an amazing book! It teaches us to release ourselves to deliver the message indoctrinated. My life never remained the same after I read Mike Murdock’s book “The Uncommon Leader” I could read it over and over again; I just love the part that says we should focus on possibilities instead of problems.

AG: Let’s talk about "My God: Even in the Last Minute", what is it all about?

DB: MyGelm is an inspirational book that narrates my journey as a young aspiring physician who, in the pursuit of a permanent residency in the United States, faced multiple obstacles and challenges. Each day through this ongoing ordeal, I experienced God in a way that I never would have imagined. God showed up in the most unexpected places, in the last minute, and always with a life-changing lesson. It speaks on how; the greatest lesson in our darkest hours of uncertainty is that God is close by, quietly working behind the scenes, bolstering our faith for a miracle.

AG: Why did you want to write the book?
DB: I originally wrote my book to keep my mind focused on activities in spite of my challenges. I gradually matured through the process and had a keen appreciation of the omnipotence of God. Life is a journey; my experiences have shown me that it is a continuous learning curve. How we react to the situation is what makes the difference; this is what I decided to share with the world by writing my book.

AG:  What did you hope to achieve with the book?
DB:  Great question! I thank God that I have already achieved my number one reason for writing this book, which is peace of mind in my current position or any storm. I am assured that God can show up in the most unexpected places. I hope to achieve with my book, the propagation of the message to serve as a reminder that God’s plans, purposes, and pursuits can be expressed through our lives if we lay down my plans, purposes, and pursuits to him. I learnt various life-changing lessons, which I discussed in each chapter, with the hope it would make a positive impact on someone’s life.

AG: Who edited and when did you finish writing?

DB:  An editor from Christian Pen Network performed a brief round of proof-reading, and my husband and I completed the rest. As for when I started writing my book, it really was about the latter part of last year, but I stopped in-between and finally completed it in June.

AG: Do you think the book is achieving the purpose for writing it?
DB: Certainly! As mentioned earlier on, my book has already achieved the purpose for writing it, more so in my life. My book is a constant reminder of what our God is capable of doing; it actually keeps me in check so that I’m not a hypocrite. I know that my family and friends are inspired and excited about my book. Many have told me that my journey reminds them that God surely works behind the scene, and all things can actually work together for our good. A friend shook my hands and said “thanks for doing this.” He was inspired to write his long-awaited book.

AG: What has journey been like since you published your book?
DB: It is surprising, a good feeling, and a new territory. It is also unbelievable; just the amount of planning that goes into publishing but I am enjoying learning something new. I do get nervous sometimes about the path I'm taking, but when I remind myself that there is a first time to anything, I feel alright.

AG: How did writing affect your professional practice?
DB: Oh, writing my book has without doubt taken my professional career to higher level, both through the care I provide to my patients and my medical writing. The saying goes thus; who could better identify with someone hurting than one who has gone through a similar experience. I share my testimony daily with colleagues, patients and friends especially if they are going through a difficult time. I have spoken with several people, interested in writing as a hobby but do not know where and how to start. I thank God, that I have been able to say a thing or two to encourage them on.

AG: Have you read FolakeTaylor’s The Only Way is Up: The Journey of an Immigrant?
DB: Yes, I have read Folake’s book. A great book and an awesome title! It is funny because when I learnt of Folake’s book, I had already drafted out an outline for my book but just did not get around to starting the actual writing. I was inspired by Folake to finish my book. If as a physician, and mother, she did it, so could I and so can everybody; whatever that assignment is!

AG: There is a striking similarity to her writing in your work-Memoirs of your journey in the US and she is also a medical Doctor?
DB: Yes, we’re both medical doctors, but our books take a different focus. My book focuses primarily on the challenges that I faced while trying to obtain my permanent residency in the United States and how I grew during this process. I present God in all my experiences, as one to count on even when time seems to have run out, and possibility is no longer practical. While Folake Taylor's book focuses on empowerment through promoting self esteem, and instilling a sense of self worth which forms the foundation for success in life.

AG: What inspires you as a Doctor, Writer and mother?
DB: Really, what inspires me in my different roles, is the little voice in my head that says; “anything worth doing, is worth doing well.” I desire to be that person to make a positive impact, so I try to give it my all. My older daughter recently told me, she wants to be like me when she grows up. I was pleasantly surprised. God has given us all a mission to accomplish, so I trust God daily to give me the wisdom and grace to accomplish my goals.

AG: What do you enjoy the most about writing, any downsides?
DB:  The joy and freedom to write and express myself, is what I enjoy the most about writing. What a phenomenal feeling it is to be able to put my thoughts down. Yes, there are downsides such as finding the time to complete my book, not to mention, the guilt trip, when I steal time from other activities. In addition, learning to write using the Chicago Manual of Style was not easy, since up to date, I was only used to writing medical articles. I hope to fully understand the manual someday!

AG: What is the one thing that best defines you?
DB: God-fearing, Adventurous, Seizing every opportunity and a Constant learner.

AG: What are your professional and writing aspirations?
DB: My aspirations are; for my medical career, to excel in my contributions towards Evidence-Based Medicine, my medical service and to be an outstanding teacher. On the other hand, for my writing career, my husband and I recently started MyGelm blog; we love to aspire to our maximum potential by using the talents that God has blessed us with. The goal is to inspire others positively by having monthly inspirational poems on my blog, which would be opened for discussion.

AG: What is the best writing advice you ever received and who was it from?
DB: “Read your manuscript over and over again, read it out loud, let it make sense to you.” I actually subscribe to several writing websites such as ezinearticles and writer’s digest. Here, I get to read, learn and improve on my writing.

AG: What is the most important part about a career to you? (Good work, Money, security, life balance)
DB: Life balance is extremely crucial to me. I am miserable when I get lost in the flow of life; which is seen as I start to lose focus on what is important. I try to place everything in perspective, and apply proper time-management, because once I have a grip on this, everything else seems to works out okay

AG: Where do you see your self in the future, any upcoming projects?
DB: I am totally open to whatever God has for me, for there in, I find success. I spoke earlier of the inspirational poems that my husband and I started on my blog ( We do not know where this is going to take us, but we hope to develop our potential to the full, and as we do, we will encourage others to do the same.

DB: Thank you so much for having me. I have enjoyed this discussion.

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