Wemimo Ajibulu- Creative Director "Weezy Makeup"


AG: Can we meet you? (background, educational history, transition between growing up and becoming a make-up artist )?

WA: I am Miss Wemimo Ajibulu. I grew up in one of the ghettos in Lagos. I attended Command Day Secondary School, Oshodi and Lagos State School Of Nursing. I had to become a make-up artist because I have a strong flair for good and well applied make- up.

AG: Where did your love of makeup begin?
WA: Wow...my love for make-up started back in secondary school,  specifically  in JSS 3.  There was this new teacher who walked into my class on a Friday morning, with a perfectly made up face and so I asked myself, how did she manage to do this great artistic work on her face and all.  I picked up the interest from there. 

AG: Was it hard to make it in the beauty industry?
WA: Well, I wouldn't say it was so easy; but talk about being competitive, it is. So making it in the beauty industry wasn't so much of an ease. 

AG: Do you have a role model/s? If you do who are they?
WA: My role model is my Mother, she made me realize pursuing my dreams is an utmost ride to get to the Top.

AG: What is your proudest moment? 
WA: Hmmn My Proudest Moment as a Makeup artist is when am been asked where I trained and I proudly say, "No I didn't' because I really didn't". It was a talent I discovered and worked on periodically n spontaneously. It was the grace of God that brought me this far. 
AG: What challenges have you faced in this field since you began?
WA: The major challenge I had was when I just started, I had so many critics I listen to so I could build on in...

AG: When did you realize that make-up artistry was more than a dream and could be a reality?
WA: I basically realized after my tertiary education in 2009. I was awaiting my result then so I ventured in using my friends, sisters n neighbors to build up my talent...
AG: What was your first make-up job?--- How did you get it?
WA: My 1st Make-up job was gotten on BlackBerry messenger where I put up pictures of jobs I've done so far, so the bride just pinged me and said you will have to do my makeup, gave me date and address, so I went for her trial, the Job was so good and everybody appreciated. 

AG: How do you get your jobs? Through an agent, self promotion, word of mouth, etc.?
WA: I get my jobs through friend's connection, words of mouth, self promotion by putting up pictures of jobs that I've done. 

AG: What are your most favourite beauty products that you’re never found without?
WA: Orekelewa by house of TARA, Avon, Mary-Kay, Sleek and Black Radiance.

AG: What’s the last beauty item you purchased?
WA: Orekelewa eyeshadow pallet and cheek Blush pallet 
AG: If we peeked inside your makeup kit what would we find?
WA: Quality make-up products that would make your face speak Beau

AG: What challenges have you faced in this field since you began?
WA: well would call them challenges that spring me to the next idea, for instance, after sealing up a deal, the bride calls up to say, 'my aunt has gotten a girl from so, so and so...' That's from the well known make-up artists who's gotten so much fame, name and all... So I get challenged, go on the internet to browse for the newest make-up tips.So I can always have a better job every next time... 

AG: What is the best advice you ever received and who was it from? 
WA: The best advice ever received was from Omolola Odusanya(Bestie) she's a Nurse and a Make-up artist too, it is about making sure every make-up suits every event it is meant for, always be on time to avoid unnecessary clumsiness trying to cover up . She also taught me some very awesome make-up tips which I am not going to reveal here...*laughing* 

AG: What is your favorite make-up tip that can be used by all women?
WA:  Its simple, its just for women to find out their skin tone, shape of the face, the eyelid, eyebrows, the lips and cheek bone because, application of suitable or appropriate items would differ...

Thank you.
Wemimo Ajibulu Esther
Creative Director, Weezy make-up.

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  1. I like the fact that like me, she is self taught. The things others use as excuses are the reasons she's doing so well.
    All the best!

  2. Wow great job you're doing here.

    I love her spirit.

  3. Blessings and happy easter, to you, your family and your guess.

    stay blessed.

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