Guinness World Records ~ The largest painting by numbers


The largest painting by numbers measures 3,130.55 m² (33,696 ft² 138.2 in²) and was unveiled by the Ecole de Dessin in partnership with Lagos State Government, Nigeria, on 17 November 2010 in celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2010 and also a means to draw awareness to issue of climate change in Nigeria.

The painting measured 63.5 m (208 ft 3.99 in) x 49.3 m (161 ft 8.94 in) and was created by 350 volunteers and represents the map of Nigeria, the logo of in the middle of the map, the flag of Nigeria (green, white, green) which was painted around the map.

This iconic painting will be up for exhibition at the Methodist Boys High School Victoria Island Lagos from the 1st of October to the 12th of October 2012. This event is in partnership with the Lagos State Government.

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  1. If only such teamwork was exhibited in all aspect of Nigeria's affairs.

  2. Wow! The painting is awesome. I wish this teamwork existed all over the world. Hey, thanks for stopping by. You've commented before and I tried to follow you but I guess it didn't take. Am trying again. (I'm a computer dinosaur!)

  3. I kept getting emails about it, and I am so proud of the outcome!

  4. How can you show a beautiful pix like this and not write the name of the painter so that we can celebrate this wonderful painter.

  5. This is amazing! Love this.

  6. wow! who is the painter plsssss?