The Rise of Femi Emiola


Femi Emiola is a Hollywood award winning actress living in Los Angeles, United states; born in Iowa into an academic family to a
Nigerian father of the Yoruba tribe and a Filipino mother.  Her childhood was spent between Philippines and Nigeria, she lived in Philippines for 5years and lived in several cities in Nigeria for 10 years after which she returned to the United States to further her education.

Femi studied at the Iowa State University and went on to study in New York City with esteemed director and acting teacher, Wynn Handman, a former colleague of Sanford Meisner an artistic director/co-founder of the American Place Theater in New York City.

Femi made her film debut in an award winning short film ‘The Living Silence’. She is best known for her role as ‘Lani Walker’ in the My Network TV night time telenovela, Wicked Wicked Games which premiered on December 6, 2006 and aired to completion (65 episodes) in March 2007. She was also cast as ‘Bianca Turner’ –the fashion designer who is the centre of the popular interactive web series for Toyota, ‘If looks could kill.’
Femi also made appearances in television shows such as Terry Perry’s House of Payne, ER, Ghost Whisperer, Scrubs, Las Vegas, The Practice and The New Adventure of Old Christine. She also appeared in a Showtime TV special production of short films called ‘Images of war in America: The Invisible Man’.

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Femi Emiola

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