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BusinessBox had a chat with the creative mind behind the up and coming street label, Deni Clothing label. Babatope Aiku shares with dreams and inspiration

AG: Who is Babatope Aiku?
BA: Babatope Aiku is a 16 year old boy. Son of Babatunde and Abimbola Aiku and I'm an SS3 student at The Vale College, Ibadan.

AG: What was that significant turning point for you, when you realized designing was the way to go?
BA:For some reason starting a clothing line and designing shirts was very desirable to me. I would always scribble shirt designs and show to a friend. I think I just have a flair for it and I've been able to keep up with it.

AG: How did your “Deni Clothing Label” line come to be?
BA: Well, there was a particular time my dad withheld my pocket money and I didn't like the idea of being helpless in terms of money. So, I started thinking of a business I could start and thankfully Deni hopped into my head.

AG: What challenges did you have to overcome at start-up?
BA: The major challenge was explaining the difference between retail clothing and custom clothing to people. Everybody wanted a custom made shirt!

AG: You are still a student, how do you balance everyday life, studies and designing?
BA: Wow! To be honest I lean on God. I have deisgning periods, sales periods and studying periods. I make sure I study almost everyday, even on Saturday and Sunday so that my school workload is reduced and I dont have to struggle to make A grades. I design whenever I get new ideas and sell almost everyday I can.

AG: What qualities do you possess as a young entrepreneur?
BA: I'd say I'm quite persuasive and charming.

AG: Could you please share some of your collections with us?

AG: What is the most important thing to you when designing?
I think about designing something different yet acceptable by a lot of people.

AG: What edge does “Deni Clothing Label" has over every other street style brand?
BA: Deni Clothing is a lot more affordable than street style brands currently available in Nigeria.

AG: What has been the response from the market?
BA: People love the idea and I'm constantly under pressure to do something new.

AG: A fellow designer who has the most influence on your life?
BA: I guess Johnny Cupcakes, I love his brand and I studied him closely.

AG: Your take on style?
BA: hmmm, I love looking different-quirky- but not outrageous. i love being comfortable too.

AG: Three facts you never knew about me?
BA: I have a sweet tooth, in fact a very very sweet tooth. I'm a Tottenham (football) and Red Bull fan (Formula 1). I love dominos pepperoni pizza!

AG: Who is that one person that has the most influence in your life?
BA: My mum, She's an amazing woman, my best friend. She has loads of business ideas-like me-and she pushes me to achieve things.

AG: What are your future aspirations?
BA: I hope to go to University to get a degree and make Deni Clothing a 'household name'.

Address: Deni Clothing Company, No 14 Adelaja, Street Mokola, Ibadan
Mobile: 08169419420, 08071900715
Email: OR
Twitter: @DeniClothingCo

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