CareeBox: Workforce Management Coordinator- Deesha Basenoo


AG: Position and Name of Company?
DB: Workforce Management Coordinator – Airmate LTD, Subsidiary Company of Air Mauritius Ltd.

AG: what is your educational background?
DB: BSC (Hons) Human Resource Management

AG: How long have you been with Company?
DB: Almost 1 Year

AG: What does your job entail?
DB: Managing employees, monitoring their attendance and lateness, work performances, Roster planning, local leaves discussions, Training Needs etc. Employees lunch and break management, ensuring all targets are met, sending various reports to management after a Scenario analysis every half hour, weekly and monthly basis and ensuring all goes on well. Looking after employees request and meeting Management’s target.

AG: Which other organization have you worked with?
DB: Dale Carnegie Training – Administrative Assistant
Tata Consultancy Services (India) – HR Consultant

AG: How did you end up on this career path, is this what you saw yourself doing 5 years ago?
DB: No, this is not what I saw myself doing 5 years ago. This particular career path is born out of necessity to get a job due to the Global recession and lack of Jobs in the Country.

AG: What is your typical day like?
DB: Hectic – early leaving home and late coming back.
Running after buses, trying to reach the office on time (8 am) log into the system and get started. Once inside the office, I get out only at 5.30 pm to go home and by the time I am home, I just feel to sleep it off till next morning until it starts all over again.

AG: Most challenging aspect of job and why?
DB: Managing People because they are all different, the issues can be the same but the approach sometimes has to be different as they react differently. Sometimes they understand and sometimes they have to be advised, challenged, persuaded, convinced or simply coerced into adherence.

AG: What is it that most people assume about your job that's not true?
DB: Most of my employees believe that Workforce Management (WFM) is all about break management and attendance (the day to day part that WFM deals with them); however, it is only part of the job. The real job is altogether a different matter.

AG: Favorite aspect of job?
DB: Analysis and Finding loopholes to ensure what is amiss in performance metrics. Talking to the People and different teams to reach solutions altogether.

AG: Are there any least favorite/downsides of your job?
DB: Encouragement of Office gravevine; it affects my work and dealing with such issues is my least favourite!

AG: what would be your ultimate career achievement?
DB: My ultimate Career Achievement will be: When I am financially independent, with a respectful Job where I really feel that I am contributing towards something Significant, growing together with my company. A Good Work Life Balance, where instead of an obligation, I look forward to working with my organization and employer as well as employees.

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  1. It's interesting to see the challenges of the workplace and being gainfully employed are universal, well at least in Africa. It can only get better but meanwhile hustle hard!

    Nice one Deesha. Keep it up.