CareerBox: Ayokunke Adumashi of Adaba 88.9FM


GeneAfrique: Position and Name of Company?
KA: ADABA 88.9FM AKURE (a subsidiary of Continental Broadcasting Services). I am presently the head of Correspondence and at the same time the head of entertainment unit. I am a programmes presenter, news reporter and news editor correspondence

GeneAfrique: what is your educational background?
KA: I hold an HND in Mass Communications from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree. I am also a professional member of Nigeria Institute of Public Relations, NIPR.

GeneAfrique: How long have you been with Company?
KA: Over 4years now

GeneAfrique: What does your job entail?
KA: As a journalist, I am to feed the public with news as at when due. As a programmer, I present programs that will educate, entertain and inform the public.

GeneAfrique: Which other organization have you worked with?
KA: I have worked previously with Ondo State Radiovison Corporation, Akure as a presenter on TV & RADIO.

GeneAfrique: how did you end up on this career path, is this what you saw yourself doing 5years ago?
KA: Well, I started the broadcasting thing officially 10yrs ago. But before then, I have always had the quest to entertain. I cannot sing or dance but I sure can talk and narrate so I opted for what I am doing now. Although my Dad is a retired Disc jockey, Programmer and Journalist, but I won’t say he influenced me.  

GeneAfrique: Most challenging aspect of job and why?
KA: I have always enjoyed every bit of my career until the last election in Ondo state where everyone saw my organization as an enemy of government. At that point, everybody had to be careful. Initially, I wasn’t until people started saying scary things about the 1983 Ondo state chaos, and as the government house correspondent of my station, I had to apply wisdom. And now the rest is history. Asides this issue, I am cool with my job.

GeneAfrique: What is it that most people assume about your job that's not true?
KA: Most people see media workers as super beings and extra-rich people. But I need to let them know that blood flows in our veins too.

GeneAfrique: Favourite aspect of job?
KA: As for me, I have more fun when I know I have a multitude contributing to my program. I also love it when I am the first person to break a news story.

GeneAfrique: Are there any downsides of your job?
KA: Yes, as Oliver Twist, we will continue to request for many things. But most importantly, security of our men should come first

GeneAfrique: What is the most important part about a career to you?
KA: To me, the most important part of a career is sincerity at work and ability to meet your demands without looking inferior amongst peers

GeneAfrique: what would be your ultimate career achievement?
KA: As at now, I have my name registered in the minds of some people and I wish it could go round the country. If that happens, I am fulfilled.  

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