SAHALANDY: The Silkies of Madagascar


SAHALANDY is an association of Silk farmers and designers in Madagascar. Support is the key word –the association works to provide ready markets for people who have the silk farming and weaving skills that have been handed down from generation to generation in Sandrandahy community. Each member of the association maintains working connections with up to ten other community members. The silk farmers and designers are paid a fair, living wage, as are all of the women and men who take part in the making of each product.

SAHALANDY firmly believes that silk is not only a tradition passed down through families, but it is also a lifeline that supports the community and maintains the bonds that hold them together. The members of the Federation do not just want to sell their products, but to establish lasting, trusting relationships with supporters and collaborators. The sale of silk products supports both the conservation of the native trees and the traditional craft. 

Each product is different. The wild silk is hand spun and hand dyed with natural dyes. There are variations in color and weave inherent in all 
handicraft products. The silk scarves are made to be warm, to protect from the chill of winter, as it can get quite cold in the mountains of Madagascar in the winter months, and everyone bundles up.

To gain insight into the world of SAHALANDY's "silkies" and check out the trailer for their documentary called "The Silkies of Madagascar". 

Silkies of Madagascar Trailer from David Evans on Vimeo.
The video recently won the 2013 CINE Golden Eagle Award!. The personal stories of each is shared here

 Buy the scarfs online via their Etsy Store here

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