The Fragrance Lady-Faith Emenike


"Two things make the woman unforgettable, Her tears and Her Perfume."

Faith Emenike is a young woman with great entrepreneurial skills, the Creative Director of La'Fame Accoutre. She is the first child of Mr and Mrs Emenike. A first Degree Holder of Mass communication, Covenant University.

AG: How did the interest in perfumery /fragrance making begin?
FE: My interest in perfumery was born out of a passion to smell good. When I passed from NYSC in June 2009, I wanted to get a 9-5 job because it was the status quo of the society, however, getting a job proved difficult. I decided to start up an online business on internet marketing which included: information marketing, bulk sms and a little bit of web design. I did that from 2010 to October 2011, I stopped because the market was already saturated and I had no real passion for it. I wanted to start up a business that I was passionate about, a business they could wake me up in the middle of the night and ask about, I would have the ready answer for. I realized I had a passion for smelling good and I loved perfumes. I went in search of who and how I would learn this art and perfect it into a business. After so much search, I found a Perfumer and she taught me how to mix. However, I continued further research on scents and the art of perfumery and its business strategy. I produced my first fragrance for sale in November, 2011.

AG: How did you arrive at the  name, “ La’ Fame Accoutre”?
FE: The name La'Fame Accoutre was a divine Idea...Lol. La' means *The* in French. Fame is a combination of all my names * Faith Amarachukwu Mimi Emenike* and Accoutre means to *dress up or equip* because you are never fully dressed without a perfume!

AG: Did you study the art of fragrance making, or are you mostly self taught?
FE: I was taught the mixing and blending of scents. But, recognizing the scents, training my nose, knowing the different genres, types, classes and notes of perfumes were self taught. The major art of perfumery were learnt through experiences and constant research.

AG: At what age did you begin to study fragrance and where?
FE: I started my fragrance company when I was 24years old. I was taught in Lagos, Nigeria.

AG:  Specifically tell us about your body splash line, La’ Fame Body Splash? How do you go about creating a new scent?
FE: La'Fame Body Splash is scent that has a touch of class and elegance in each bottle. We have 5 different variants namely: Strawberry, Exotic Peach, AquaFresh, Creamy Vanilla, and Sweet Apple. The brand is tailored towards Fruity and Candy notes which is mostly feminine. Results from our research indicate that most men love their women smelling tender and sweet, hence, our product meets that need. However, we have a Masculine scent, AquaFresh which smells fresh and clean just the way most women would want their man to smell. La'Fame body splash has been widely accepted in the market today. Since inception, we have never had one complaint about it irritating the skin or causing burns. Each bottle has a note of tenderness added to it.

AG: Many Nigerians are particular about the way they smell and every year there are so many fragrance coming out, especially the ones from big brand names, isn't it difficult to let your Fragrance be noticed between all between all this brand names, and how do you promote your fragrance?
FE: Yes, we have a bit of challenge making our brand known in the Nigerian market that is flooded with so many brand names. But our unique selling point is the customization of scents for our clients. We have a list of clientele that tell us how they would love to smell and we specifically produce for them. The fact that our Fragrances have a unique kind of smell that suits the average woman, we have found it less difficult to penetrate the market. The best form of promotion for us is that we do perfume Souvenirs for weddings and events! We customize scents for couples and celebrants, in that way, our brand is known. We also make use of the social media to create massive awareness.

AG: Do have you any mentors, or are there specific fragrance maker or fragrance lines that have influenced your line?
FE: I look up to major perfumers in the world, in Nigeria, we barely have any perfumer. For mentors, I follow Tom Ford and Carolina Herrera. However, my fragrance line is influenced by Victoria Secrets.

AG: How much did it take for you to start the business?
FE: I started with a capital of 10,000 Naira

AG: What are the biggest hurdles to the business till date and how have you overcome them?
FE: Hurdles were convincing people or clients about the originality of your brand. We don't find it hard to do that anymore.  We had issues of fining the perfect bottle for our brand. We have gotten a perfect fit and packaging which makes it appealing to the customers.

AG: What kind of training and background are necessary to become a fragrance/perfume maker?
FE: First, you must have a passion about scents. We offer training to interested individuals on the art of perfumery and its business strategies.

AG: If you could capture elements of nature in a fragrance, what would they be?
FE:  Flowers, fruits and scented trees

AG: Is there a single attribute that is key to entrepreneurial success?
FE: Passion

AG: Where do you hope to take your business in the next five, ten years?
FE: La'Fame Accoutre would be a household name in the next 5 years. La'Fame Ambassadors would have multiplied a 100 times and would be all over Lagos and its environs. We would also have outlets where our brand is sold and where training take place.

AG: What is the most important thing to you when creating a fragrance?
FE: I let my inner sense of smell take control; I let my nose do the mixing and blending. I allow myself to be governed by that inner talent and sense of smell in me. And of course, Music let's this sense come alive!

AG: As a young woman in business, what advice would you give?
FE: Don't ever ever ever ever give up on your dreams and passion. Above all, Live Fragrant!

AG:  Which of your fragrance is your personal favourite, and why?
FE: I don't have a personal favorite  but if am to choose, I would take Exotic Peach and AquaFresh. Because my Baby loves me smelling that way and AquaFresh reminds me of him, because he uses it.

AG: What fragrance are you wearing right now? 
FE: Exotic Peach and Strawberry with glitters.

AG: Which fragrance triggers your childhood memories?
FE: Strawberry

AG:What in your opinion is the best scent in the world? 
FE: The smell of a well cooked meal and the smell of a clean bathed newborn baby!

AG:What are you passionate about besides fragrance?
FE Music, cooking and Movies

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