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GeneAfrique: Position and Name of Company?
NNnake: I am a Master Data Maintainer at Guinness Nigeria Plc a subsidiary of Diageo, the world’s number one premium alcohol business.

GeneAfrique: what is your educational background?
NNnake: I obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering at the university.

GeneAfrique: How long have you been with Company?
NNnake: 3 years now. I joined in 2010.

GeneAfrique: What does your job entail?
NNnake: We use an automated solution to drive our retail sales strategy. My job is to manage and maintain the database on which that solution is built, thus ensuring that the field sales force can execute the strategy effectively. I also build the capability of the team through coaching on the use of the solution in their daily jobs.

GeneAfrique: Which other organization have you worked with?
NNnake: Right after graduation, I started out working with Tetra Pak West Africa Limited as a Field Service Engineer during the compulsory National Youth Service Corps Scheme and at the end of the program; I was retained on the job. Thereafter, I joined First Bank Nigeria Plc as an Executive Trainee, working on a variety of jobs including Head of Technical Support, Retail Operations Executive, Customer Services Officer and Relationship Manager.

GeneAfrique: how did you end up on this career path, is this what you saw yourself doing while studying?
NNnake: Business development is one of my interests and it led me to leave the practice of engineering at Tetra Pak. As a student, I saw myself working as an engineer in the oil and gas industry. I ultimately intend to combine my interest in business development with my passion for writing and thankfully, my company has such opportunities.

GeneAfrique: What is your typical day like?
NNnake: I start each day reading for 30 minutes in the quietness of my car. This daily ritual expands my horizon. Sometimes I simply spend the time reflecting and it has a tremendous positive impact on my day. Then I sit at my desk before 8am and review my to-do list before getting down to business. On any given day, I attend to data management and maintenance requests from colleagues; generate reports, create coaching material and troubleshoot challenges with related hardware. In spite of the to-do list, I may be assigned some important task requiring urgent attention by my manager. I am also the Editor in Chief for a quarterly magazine published by graduate employees across Diageo Africa and allocate time every week to attend to tasks related to it. I also maintain a blog named Perspectives of a Glocal Citizen and give it attention every night before going to bed.

GeneAfrique: Most challenging aspect of job and why?
NNnake: I mentioned earlier that my job entails data management. The volume of data maintenance requests that my team gets daily is massive and we need to attend to everything. We start by reviewing the request to understand what actions are required. Then we sift through the data to check that it has certain characteristics like completeness, accuracy, validity and adaptability. Our key focus is to ensure all our data is of the best quality and going through this tedious process is the only way to achieve that. The ultimate effect poor data has on a system is poor performance at every level. So attending to these requests in a timely manner is of paramount importance. Thankfully, planning and prioritizing makes it easier to keep everyone satisfied.

GeneAfrique: What is it that most people assume about your job that is not true?
NNnake: A lot of people think the job is easier than it actually is. Attending to requests in record time and at the same time maintaining the integrity of the database is a serious balancing act and requires a lot of effort.

GeneAfrique: Favorite aspect of job?
NNnake: It gives me great pleasure to send an email to a requestor, confirming that their request has been attended to. I also have cooperative team mates who make the job enjoyable.

GeneAfrique: Are there any least favorite/downsides of your job?
NNnake: Yes. Finishing the day and feeling like I have hardly scratched the surface. My remedy for that is prioritization. This makes sure I am always doing what I need to be doing per time. My diary plays the important role of helping me keep track of it all.

GeneAfrique: What is the most important part about a career to you? (Good work, money, security, life balance)?
NNnake: My family always comes first. Even so, I consider my job very important. Contrary to what people think, I believe it is possible to have a healthy dose of both and so I strive to give both spheres adequate attention. In my opinion, they should complement each other, not compete. There is no value that can be placed on a good work-life balance.

GeneAfrique: Describe the best moment in your career so far?
NNnake: It is difficult to point out a singular moment as the best because my time at Guinness has been quite rewarding. But I would say that the most recent occurrence is the pivotal role I played in the transformation of our graduate newsletter. I joined the editorial team a few weeks before the January 2013 edition was published. The feedback was quite strong and we committed to take them into consideration for the April edition. My tasks included proposing new segments for the newsletter and more importantly, redesigning it entirely. This included changing the layout and creating a newsletter that was more visually appealing. Although I had written for a number of publications and even led an editorial team before, I had no experience whatsoever in newsletter design. So I taught myself Microsoft Publisher in order to deliver the required results. At the end of the day, we successfully published a great newsletter that received applause from business leaders and employees globally. I was subsequently appointed to lead the team for the next one year and will be publishing the July edition (my first as Editor in Chief) in another few weeks.

GeneAfrique: What would be your ultimate career achievement?

NNnake: I plan to publish the best journal on the energy industry in Nigeria. I am currently building a website called Energy Journal Nigeria.

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  1. You make Guinness sound pretty interesting bt wu wouldn't? Remarkable Mr. Nnamdi, I encourage you to keep your pen & journal cloes. They'll take you places you only see in movies.

  2. Hey Nnamdi, it's so inspiring to read your journey.
    I can only wish you all the best in your aspiration.
    All young african should get such determination and ambition, it is the only way we will become developped.

    Hélène NGOKA from Cameroon

  3. Fantastic, great, truly inspiring, Nnamo keep reaching for the top.
    Kenneth ojeogwu

  4. This is every impressive i will say i am proud to associate myself with you, i have always seen this in you and you are actually bringing it out now. best of luck my friend. francis ejiofor