Interview with Mayowa Owoeye, Founder Online retail store for quality Wristwatches


GeneAfrique BusinessBox is a section focused  on spotlighting African entrepreneurs who are making an impact in their chosen field. The purpose of this section is to promote and encourage entrepreneurship among young Africans. We are excited to interview this young online Nigerian retailer selling quality time pieces to Nigerians at an affordable rate.

GeneAfrique: How did you come up with the concept of

MO:  I realized there was a general gap in the market for the sale of affordable, good, and durable time pieces, and decided to fill the gap by creating an easily accessible online store where people could purchase affordable time pieces and pay at their convenience.

GeneAfrique:  How would you describe Watchaven to a potential customer?
MO:  As the name suggests, it’s a safe and quality worthy store where you can purchase your time pieces

GeneAfrique:  When did you get started?
MO:  2010

GeneAfrique:  How was the business funded?
MO:  Personal income and with the help of a few investors

GeneAfrique:  How long did it take to move the business from idea to reality?
MO:  About 2 years

GeneAfrique:  How did your educational background and experience help contribute to the vision and growth of the company?
MO:  As a technology professional with many years of experience in IT systems integration, I was able to create a haven where class meets style on a simple technology platform

GeneAfrique:  How did you market the business when you first started and how do you promote it now?
MO:  By word of mouth, social media and old media

GeneAfrique:  How active is the site today?
MO:  We get almost a thousand visitors daily on an average

GeneAfrique:  What is it like managing your business?
MO:  We are lean, mean and strong!

GeneAfrique:  Security is a major concern for internet transactions, particularly in Nigeria. What security do you have in place on your site, and how would you reassure customers that their financial information is safe?
Captcha codes on signup
Secure login via HTTPS
SSL certificates

GeneAfrique:  How active are you within the social media world with promoting your website?
MO:  We have an e-team responsible for that and they are doing a great job.

GeneAfrique:  What has been the one biggest challenge getting the site to where it is today?
MO:  My biggest challenge initially was making people accept online shopping as a culture, also convincing people that we aren't like other online stores. So many people were worried that they wouldn't receive the same product viewed on the website or their package would be delivered late, etc. Once we were able to convince them and cross this huddle, we were set to go. So far we have received nothing but positive reviews

GeneAfrique:  What kind of feedback have you gotten so far? What is the worst review you have received so far?
MO:  As mentioned earlier, it has been nothing but good reviews and we are strategizing to make sure it stays that way.

GeneAfrique:  How do you differentiate your business from competition?
MO:  Watchaven is built on integrity, customer relationship, and trust. For us, it’s not all about the money, it’s about making the customer happy

GeneAfrique:  Which entrepreneur/person has inspired you the most and why?
MO:  Jesus &  Jimi Tewe.

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