Ram Hadji: Co-Founder and Managing Director of Globivate


"If life throw lemons at you, make lemonade, the world is never going to get any fairer, just pick yourself up, and do what you got to do, other than whine about it."

Ram Hadji is the Managing Director and Co-founder of Globivate an HR and IT Consultancy Company in Uganda. The widely traveled young entrepreneur from The Republic of Chad grew up in Uganda and holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a major in marketing which he studied at the Makere University, Uganda. 

GeneAfrique: Tell us a bit about yourself?
RH: I am an African, born and raised to a humble family in Uganda to a dad from Chad and a mom from Rwanda, which alone defined what I was going to be, and growing up with a sketchy identity it modeled me to be a fighter, certainly a life lesson I have learnt, that you do not get something until you want it that bad and that take effort, if you ask me elements that defined who I am I would say Islam, my dad, an organisation I was a part of called AIESEC and numerous friends from all over the world.  I am founder of  two healthy companies; Globivate Limited and Blueprint Software Inc, I will say I am proud of being an African.

GeneAfrique: What is your educational background?
RH: Bachelors in Business Administration, major in Marketing from Makere University

GeneAfrique: Prior work experience?
RHIn 2006, I started as an Entrepreneurship Trainer for the University of Botwana after which I moved to Uganda in 2007 and where I was Marketing Manager for East African Business Week. From 2008 to 2009, I was Chief Executive Officer (Member Committee President) for AIESEC in Uganda. From 2009 to 2010 shuttling between Ethiopia and Tanzania, I worked as the Project Coordinator for AIESEC Africa Growth Network. I was in India from 2010 to 2011, where I worked as Expansion Manager for an organization called A Little World. Globivate was founded in 2011; also in 2011 I founded another business known as Blueprint Software.

GeneAfrique: Tell us about Globivate? How did you come up with the idea?
RH: Globivate was an idea born out of numerous skype chats with a friend in Kampala and
Michigan, we believed so much in the potential of young people in Africa, we all knew this continent does not lack talented people but people with ethical values to make a difference in any environment, having that said we started a training firm named it Globivate, a concoction combining Global + Motivation. And our challenge was to make it unique and tackle issue that matter.

GeneAfrique: How did you go about starting Globivate? When did you start the business? 
RH: We founded Globivate in 2011, and basically it was one of those ‘let’s do it moments,’ we
were all excited and we had all the information we needed and apparently registering a company in Uganda is so easier than applying to join a university, so we took advantage of that. The process was simple actually we had a checklist made and all we did was to fill it up, made sure we had enough man power and lucky for us the market was receptive.

GeneAfrique: What services does Globivate provide?
RH: Unique model in HR training, we are currently focused on HR and IT Consultancy in East Africa for now.

GeneAfrique: During the course of our research we found out the business was founded with other individuals, how many founders are there? How did you get it together?
RH: Yeah your research was right, I am in it with a friend and a colleague called Jim Kleiber, a US national who I met in Tanzania and we connected, and another colleague Kay Kyomuhangi, both had all this experience,

GeneAfrique: What makes your business unique?
RH: Like I said this continent is gifted, if you wanted talented people you better carry a spade but if you are looking for values like integrity, trust and dependability, you might struggle to fill a spoon, so we had a challenge to design training modules that were putting skills and values in one package. That has been truly impactful leave alone unique.

GeneAfrique: Who is the business aimed at?
RH: The present is and the future will, so our business runs around the philosophy of “a country that does not entrust its youth, does not deserve a future.” So let’s work on that future by training right, the young ones.

GeneAfrique: What are your guiding principles as you have built the organization?
RH: We do as we preach and we align our company along values that bring out the best in us, so for us its Simplicity, Innovation, Absolute integrity, People are number one in everything we do, and Diversity, that said, that is Globivate.

GeneAfrique: What do you enjoy the most about your job?
RH: The feedback, my favorite  while others might go wild with the pay cheque, for me positive feedback is the highlight, it show that someone believed in all our hard work.

GeneAfrique: What is your greatest inspiration?
RH: Mine has always been the promise for a better life, for a diplomatic word I will say I grew up in humble family, and so it was so tough and we would not just understand why we would not live a better life, so that has always inspired to be better and achieve that.
What is your life philosophy

This might sound a cliche but it makes a lot of sense for me, if life throw lemons at you, make lemonade, the world is never going to get any fairer, just pick yourself up, and do what you got to do, other than whine about it.

GeneAfrique: What are the biggest hurdles to the business till date and how have you overcome them?
RH: For me it was creating a culture that binds the entire company, people should give time to this area, might streamline many elements, let all the procedures be created by the people and followed by them naturally, that will save you time of babysitting adults.

GeneAfrique: What is your biggest success and what is your role in bringing that about?
RH: There have been several and can’t single out one, but they have to be connected to the number of contracts I have signed with clients in and outside the country, I had to put together what I have learnt over the years to make this happen.

GeneAfrique: What do you think is the biggest threat to the success of small businesses in Africa today?
RH: Miscalculations, small business need to learn to live within their limits, the choice of what to spend on as a start up and what to forego until you make some money, posh offices will bring you down, start really small and do the basics, abide by the rules early like paying your taxes, and for young entrepreneurs, do not let age slow you down, find a way around these stereo type and keep in business.

GeneAfrique: What is it like managing your business? How many staffs do you currently have? 
RH: It’s really a full time Job, so embracing full responsibilities help, with it comes both the positives and the negatives, but I like the element of getting to know and work with so many people and working with 22 individuals as a company, means you have to know each almost personally.

GeneAfrique: Which entrepreneur/person has inspired you the most and why?
RH: My favorite books are autobiographies and through the process I pay tribute to the late Steve jobs, his Stanford commencement speech is like a mantra, the inspiration from him is more about never losing hope, but I am so inspired by a Uganda Business Mogul, from riches to rags and to riches, called Patrick Bitature, losing their wealth in the 1980’s wars and hitting rock bottom to be one of the leading serial entrepreneurs today is such an inspiration.

GeneAfrique:: What are your future plans for the business?
RH: We are inspired models used by companies like TATA, our future is to expand more, more impact but also strengthen our contribution to disadvantaged communities, and we follow a model of “beyond profits” we have got to have a heart for social issues in our communities.

GeneAfrique: Any advice for young entrepreneurs willing to start a business in Africa now?
RH: Young Entrepreneurs in Africa should know that this continent is gifted so forming partnerships with people might be instrumental in starting up, but you have to be cautious with their intentions in the first place, and I would also advise entrepreneurs to be simple, find something you think you can blossom, and just keep at it, eventually it does pay off. Flexibility is paramount if things don’t work out try something else, I would love to exchange ideas and I can be reached to on twitter at @ramhadji

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  1. 'RH: Like I said this continent is gifted, if you wanted talented people you better carry a spade but if you are looking for values like integrity, trust and dependability, you might struggle to fill a spoon' << This is so true and it is what handicaps our continent's economic and social growth. We have everything we need in terms of resources to go to the next level. What we don't have are individuals who can be trusted to manage those resources for the greater good. The culture of selfish personal profit and corruption has a strong hold on our continent. I am glad someone is doing something about it.

  2. awesome post

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  3. Mr Ram Hadji we are glad we have you in our lives you are really an insparetion your self from your words this stetement really gave me a go head and inspired me as wel
    RH:if the world throws lemons at you,make lemoned
    Really inspiring stetement