BusinessBox: Olubunmi 'Sisi' Ologe-Fashion Stylist Interview


GeneAfrique BusinessBox is a section focused  spotlighting on African entrepreneurs who are making an impact in their chosen field. The purpose of this section is to promote and encourage entrepreneurship among young Africans. This week, BusinessBox chats with Olubunmi Ologe aka Sisi Ologe, a fashion stylist and CEO, StyleNotch

GeneAfrique:  Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
OOloge: I am Olubunmi Ibironke Ologe, I'm 28years old and the first of four children. I hail from Odokoro gbede, Kogi state.

GeneAfrique:  When did you first begin styling and what led you to this career choice?
OOloge: I would say I started styling since I was able to pick my own clothes, but officially in 2012.

GeneAfrique:  What was your inspiration to start, ‘StyleNotch’?
OOloge: My passion for fashion inspired me but most importantly the fact that friends and family trusted their styles in my hand was what made me take styling seriously and professionally.

GeneAfrique:  Did you always want to be a stylist, and when did you realize you are really good at it?
OOloge: I never imagined myself as a stylist but admirers, friends and family were always impressed with items I put together, and when they asked my opinion on what to wear and how to mix and match colors and accessories they always got fabulous results. Gradually I realized I was good at what I do.

GeneAfrique:  If you could choose a Nigerian celebrity to ‘make over’, who would it be and why? 
OOloge: I'd choose Genevieve Nnaji because she's versatile,simple and classy and her style is effortless. Fashion for me is simplicity, elegance, confidence,comfort and 'chic' and I see all these in her.

GeneAfrique:  How would you describe your own personal style?
OOloge: I'd say I'm spontaneous,I love to try new things. I'm never stuck in one fashion era.

GeneAfrique:  What is the biggest challenge when styling your clients?
OOloge: I'd say my biggest challenge has been styling a naive client,I have to do a lot of convincing,especially when it comes to trying out colorful pieces,its also difficult styling a conservative client,someone who is scared of embracing trends.

GeneAfrique:  What goals and challenges do you have as a stylist, what do you want to achieve? 
OOloge:  Getting paid as a stylist in Nigeria isn't easy because it’s still new here and it’s taking a while for people to embrace it. You can only be recognized when you style a celebrity and that has been a challenge, as a stylist I hope to help my clients appreciate and express themselves by the outfit they wear, knowing that they were all beautifully and wonderfully created.

GeneAfrique:  The concept of hiring a personal stylist in relatively new in Nigeria.  A lot of people are still not aware of it, how do you convince a potential client that she needs a ‘makeover’/need a stylist?
OOloge: It has not been easy for me as a stylist convincing a potential client,so I had to adopt the strategy of styling myself,my siblings,my friends as a means of PR,and I also provide these fashion items alongside the fashion/styling has worked for me so far.

GeneAfrique:  What/who was your favorite shoot/client that you styled?
OOloge: I have two favorites, my younger sister (Biola Ologe) and my friend Tari Ockiya who happens to be a Make-Up artist here in Abuja.

GeneAfrique:  Does styling your clients ever inspire your personal style?
OOloge: Yes it does,it makes me want to explore new trends and ideas.

GeneAfrique:  Who is favorite ultimate style icon?
OOloge: Kimora Lee

GeneAfrique:  What are your favorite must have fashion accessories?
OOloge: A pair of Black fitted pants, a white shirt, a little black dress, a Red shoe and a statement neck-piece. These items can be re-defined is so many different ways. Every lady should own at least one of these.

GeneAfrique:  What is the biggest fashion mistake most Nigerian women make, and what can they do to fix it?
OOloge: I think the biggest fashion blunder is wearing wrong outfits to an occasion,a lot of people wear whatever to weddings,red carpet events,parties,etc. The best way to fix this is to employ the services of a fashion expert.

GeneAfrique:  What are your basic guidelines when styling someone?
OOloge: Complexion, body size, physique, every other thing is secondary.

GeneAfrique:  What makes you different from other personal stylists?
OOloge: My confidence and spontaneity.

GeneAfrique:  What is the most important lesson life has taught you?
OOloge: Life has taught me to make use of each opportunity that comes your way because it might never come again.

GeneAfrique:  How do you define great style?
OOloge: Great style for me is expressing one's personality and boosting one's self confidence through the outfits they wear.

GeneAfrique:  What are your thoughts on fashion blogs? Do you have any favorite you visit regularly?
OOloge:  They are very informative and educative, they keep us abreast and updated on fashion trends and style. I always visit BGKI (black girls killing it)

GeneAfrique:  What advice would you give to anyone who wants to embark on a fashion styling career?
OOloge: Be real, be confident, be expressive, be innovative, be daring and every other thing will fall into place.

We wish Olubunmi Ologe the very best in her future.

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