Art Inside 2014 – A Government Art Project CALLING ALL NAMIBIAN ARTISTS:


Art Inside is an art awareness project organised by the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, National Service Sport and Culture (MYNSSC), which aims to foster an appreciation for visual art as an inherent part of government’s working environment

The project aims to promote an awareness of visual arts, to celebrate visual art as an important mode of creative communication, and to foster an appreciation for visual art as inherent part of government’s working environment. It further aims to inspire law makers, officials and visitors to ministries to engage creatively with visual art on a daily basis.

Namibian artists possess the capacity to create work of an excellent standard. Art Inside acknowledges this by providing an incentive for and by empowering Namibian artists in all communities. Art Inside provides an opportunity for Namibian artists to respond creatively to themes in a typical artist/patron situation.

The exhibition will opens on 20 February 2014 and will run until 29 March 2014 Submission Due Date 31 January 2014

We are inviting Namibian artists from all communities to submit work for consideration for this unique project. A wide selection of artworks of a high standard will be purchased for inclusion in the GRN Collection and a subsequent installation on government premises.

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