The Hidden Secrets behind the Beauty of Lake Bunyonyi


After a long hiking trail on the Ruwenzori Mountains and encounters with Gorilla and Chimpanzee tracking, there is no better welcoming and refreshing place like Lake Bunyonyi. This is the one place that will give a perfect heading to your safari. Lake Bunyonyi which lies South Western, Uganda is one place full of magical scenic wonders full of nature best scenes. It is this beauty of this lake that made get recognition from the film the Lord of the Rings.

But what really makes this lake an awesome view? This lake wouldn't be a beautiful place without awesome things to do. Here are a few things to do in Lake Bunyonyi.

Relax In Warm Waters: Lake Bunyonyi will offer you the best place to stay and rest. No matter where exactly you enjoy along the lake, you will find awesome good places of comfort, places you can stay and rest and feel comfort. There are many restaurants around Lake Bunyonyi that will offer you the comfort you badly need. You will catch the early sunrise and even sunset while still enjoying a beautiful scenery of birds. Take your favorite book, lean on your lounging-chair and breathe the cool high altitude air.

Swim in the Lake: Another feature that adds to the beauty of Lake Bunyonyi is the good swimming environment it offers. There are no hippos or crocodiles to inhibit you from enjoying the good touch of the water. This lake is free from bilharzia and moreover, it is the second deepest Crater Lake in Africa therefore if you are a good swimmer, you will have an unforgettable experience.

Have Fun with Boating and Canoeing: Lake Bunyonyi offers you 29 islands to explore. Here you will visit forests and villages and have numerous nature walks. You will find it fun lowing on a canoe or you can opt for a motorized cruise to tour the late in

Hikes and Nature Walks: Do you love hiking? Do you love taking nature walks in a forest environment? Well, the vegetation around the lake is perfect for an ideal nature walk. There are forests and bushes surrounding the lake and they offer you the ideal venue to tour. Since the lake is a crater lake located on Ruwenzori Mountains, you will find it overwhelmingly cool taking hikes on this mountain vegetation. The walks will not strain all your energy; and can be taken at your pace.

Mountain Biking: Do you love cycling? This lake will provide you a good biking space to go about your mountain biking. You can go around the lake side enjoying the scenery, the villages, the people, and the hamlets and breathe some cool mountain air. Riding will also offer you a good reason to get out of your lounging room.

Birding: The word, Bunyonyi itself means a place of small birds. This lake is the home of over 200 birds' species. Take a birding guide and take a boat and you will love to watch the birds around the islands. You too will encounter thousands of birds on the forests during your nature walks. These are just some of the secrets that make Lake Bunyonyi a beautiful scene. Without them, this lake would not be an awesome place to behold. It is also easy for you to enjoy these benefits of visiting Lake Bunyonyi.
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