Frank Lee: Complete Packing List for Travelers


People travel for lots of reasons and on lots of occasions and this ultimately decides which things should be packed and which not. It also depends on the number of persons travelling i.e., while travelling with a family a mother is responsible for all the packing and in order to avoid criticism for being reckless she must pay attention to all the members of the family from grandfather down to the newly born baby. On the other hand if a person is travelling with friends for bachelor party the thing which matters most is fun and if one of the friends forgot to bring necessary things – like clothes or shoes etc. – it doesn’t matter because these can be bought when once reached on destination; still even in this case if one forgets necessary documents or credit cards, the fun is over – no bachelor party.  It is evident that the nature of travelling and the relations with persons with whom you are travelling determine how seriously you need to take packing. Here is a list of general things which are used most commonly and which you can use as a checklist while packing for any travel.

Travel Documents, Cash and Credit Cards
The most important things for travel are travel documents – without these, there is no travel. Since money/credit cards determine all the course of actions during the journey, these must be possessed by the traveler. Here is a list of important documents: Tickets, driving license, hotel reservations, passport, and visa etc.

Personal Items and Hygiene
It is very unlikely that the place you are visiting will always be as grandiose and perfect as expected so why not prepare yourself beforehand in order to save yourself from any problems. The things, the absence of which causes most irritation are things of personal use which one is accustomed to using daily and if these are not provided or are forgotten back home can cause such frustration resulting in displeasure. For example, if any person is accustomed to any particular perfume or body spray or any cosmetic he is most likely to get irritated on its absence. Here is a brief list of important things: cosmetics, Deodorant, Razors and shaving cream and Feminine hygiene products etc.

Clothing and Accessories
If going to any function, clothes and the gifts bought for someone are the most important things to remember. Although both of these can be bought but one always feel uncomfortable without the necessary tailoring of clothes which new clothes always demand except in rear cases. Gifts also demand long term planning and a true examination of the nature of the person to whom the gift is being given thus the on-the-spot selection of gift is also tiring. Here is a list of important things to be packed: Shirts, pants, belts, shoes, rain boots and rain cover, shorts, socks, T-shirts, stockings and watch etc.

Medication and Health
If one is accustomed to using any medicines or he is on a prescription for the cure of some disease, medicines are most important things to be carried with while going on a journey. In most countries, no medicine is provided by any drug store if you do not have the prescription of the doctor. So if you are without both prescription and medicine, it can engender you real harm if you have some serious disease. For example, an inhaler is more important than anything else for the persons with asthma. Here is a list of general medicines to be packed before travelling apart from those described specifically by the doctor: first aid kit, allergy pills, bandages, contraceptives, pain killers, sleeping pills etc.


This is a modern technological world and it is impossible to survive without it even one day. Technology and gadgets are the most time-consuming things in our daily lives and it is possible that someone can die of boredom if his cell phone is taken from him just for one day. Similarly, accessories – charger especially – can do the same thing. If you are going to a visiting trip and you have forgotten your camera back home the trip will be a disappointment for you. Here is a list of all the necessary gadgets: Camera, cell phone, charger, laptop, converters and adapters, extension cords, extra memory cards or films etc. if you are looking for some discount, consider Groupon.

This guest post is written by Frank Lee, he works at Rebates Zone, you can follow him @franklee84

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