Watch "Rahman", a short film by Nigerian filmmaker Seun Opabisi


Rahman, shot in Kara; a Lagos community famed for its ram market and animal herdsmen, is a film about what it’s like to have something you’ve always wished to own and how far you’d go to protect its existence.

The short film we captures the struggle of a group of kids; played by a stellar cast of first time actors who gave life to the film, as they deal with taking care of their family's most prized possession ever. 

It was directed  by Seun P. Opabisi and produced by Kewa Oni and Seun P. Opabisi (Loups Garous)


Director's bio:

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Seun Opabisi is an artist-filmmaker. He has created visuals on a variety of media platforms from magazine editorials, artist branding, books, music videos and film.

Seun is also one half of a Lagos based Film collective; Loups Garous, with Kewa Oni- who also co-wrote and produced Rahman. Together, they currently create short form projects which use surreal imagery as a motif while telling stories.

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